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BeGone Changelog

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    January 27, 2012 4:54 PM PST

    BeGone - Clan Wars & Kick function [Part 3/3]

    - 10 kills costs a clan to kick a player from their server
    - 65% of votes are needed to kick registered player from regular server
    - Command typed in chat /help shows list of available commands
    - Command typed in chat /topclans shows Top 5 clans for that server
    - Command typed in chat /clankills shows current amount your clan has
    - Command typed in chat /setpassword sets password on clan server
    - Password protected servers do not count kills
    - Password protecting your server causes your clan to lose kills faster


    BeGone - Maintenance

    - Anti-hack features
    - Performance optimization features

    BeGone - Clan Wars & Kick function [Part 2/3]

    - Members of the clan that owns the server can kick anyone from their server
    - Vote kick function added to Regular servers
    - Part 3 will include further developments on clan servers


    BeGone - Clan Servers [Part 1/2]

    - Clan servers are named after the clan with the most kills on that server
    - Clan servers can be accessed only by registered members
    - Part 2 will allow clans to moderate the servers they own


    - Anti-hacking (infinite health, infinite ammo, fast melee, infinite sprint, and a few more smaller ones)

    BeGone to

    - Anti-hacking code

    BeGone - European Servers
    - Added a new servers in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    - Adjusted filter & server names
    - European Players - Enjoy the lower pings!


    BeGone - Achievements [Part 2/2]
    - Achievements now appear grouped at the bottom left
    - 10 new round achievements!
    - Optimized achievement performance
    - Fixed a bug where you could appear to be reloading, but actually be shooting
    - Fixed another bug with the nade bug (1 other bug remaining)

    BeGone - Achievements [Part 1/2]

    - New achievements awarded at the end of each round!
    - Added helpful tips on the server browser
    - Fixed the nade glitch
    - Streamlined downloading of game assets (faster loading)
    - Fixed a few other bugs reported by community members
    - Part 2 will have visual changes to where achievements are displayed and incorporate player feedback

    BeGone - Server List Refresh Upgrade
    - Faster server list refreshing
    - No more kicks to Main Menu

    BeGone - Maintenance
    - Upgraded engine to Unity 4.0
    - Fixed weapon switch audio bug
    - Fixed invisible nade bug
    - Optimized bullet hole effects
    - Some other small bug fixes

    BeGone - Time to Customize your Weapons!
    - Add attachments to your weapons that last the entire match (best of 10 rounds)
    - Strategically unlock weapons and attachments as the match progresses
    - Most attachments have both positive and negative effects
    - Explosive and incendiary ammo now available
    - Is there a weapon combination that is overpowered? Time to find out...

    BeGone - Community Feedback Tweaks
    - Reduced accuracy recoil animation by 75%
    - New anti-hacking features
    - Reflex Sight on MP5
    - ACOG on SAW
    - Fixed 'floating arms' bug
    - Fixed bug where gun would sometimes not fire at the start of the round
    - Possibly fixed ammo counter being wrong color/value sometimes

    BeGone - New Weapon: Pistol
    - New secondary gun - Pistol M9A1
    - New attachment (M9A1) - Laser Pointer
    - New attachment (M1014) - Tactical Flashlight
    - New attachment (M4A1) - Close Combat Optics (CCO)
    - New attachment (MP5) - ACOG
    - New attachment (M249) - Reflex Sight
    - New Sniper (M110) zoom
    - New weapon model - M1014 (Shotgun)
    - New weapon model - M249 (Machine Gun)


    BeGone - New Weapon: MP7
    - New Secondary Weapon MP7 with silencer
    - New ingame shop
    - Timbertown 'rock glitch' fixed
    - Pink scope glass should disappear if Image Effects are off


    BeGone 1.7.0
    - New server browser
    - New Main Menu
    - Updated unity engine
    - Loading servers from dynamic database (first step towards custom servers)
    - Bugfix for event manager (some events were out of order)
    - Fullscreen for Kongregate


    BeGone 1.6.6
    - Added new arena Timbertown


    - Added ping limit
    - Added gamemode for each server


    BeGone 1.6.5
    - Added new Sabotage game mode to arenas Crane and Pipeline!
    - Fixed bug where people could get stuck in pipeline pillars
    - Fixed weapon switch bug


    BeGone 1.6.4
    - Upgraded to Unity 3.5.
    - Removed audio reverb zones from Tower & Pipeline
    - Added new ladders and pathways to Pipeline


    BeGone 1.6.3
    - Upgraded some of the libraries in preparation for the Unity 3.5 upgrade.


    BeGone 1.6.2
    - This is a performance change. Stats are now stored on a different server.

    BeGone 1.6.1
    - Performance change. Avatars are loaded from a different server.

    For previous updates please check

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